Fund a research award

& create a lasting legacy

What is a Research Award?

Research Awards give you the chance to fund a world-class cancer research project - and be acknowledged for it.

How does it work?

  1. Raise $5,000 or more and you'll be eligible for a Research Award.
  2. Visit our website and view the projects that need funding and choose one that suits you.
  3. Get in touch with us and we'll help you finalise your Research Award.

All cancer research projects are funded by Cancer Council grants that generally run for three years and can cost around $300,000.

The projects may be:

  • Biomedical


    scientific lab work done in universities, hospitals and medical research institutes to find new ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer.

  • Epidemiology


    our Cancer Epidemiology Centre conducts large scale studies to understand what contributes to, and protects against, cancer.

  • Clinical trials

    Clinical trials

    This is the final step once a treatment has been developed in the lab. Trials are the best way to test the effectiveness and safety of a promising new drug, or to see whether a certain treatment works better than another.

By investing in one of our research grants, you'll ensure that Victoria's brightest researchers have the funds they need to see their work through. While we fund lots of different projects across many cancer types, there's no guarantee we'll have exactly what you're after. If this happens, call us and we'll do our best to find a match.

Research awards are perfect if you:

  • are interested in a specific cancer
  • would like to honour a loved one affected by cancer
  • want to help the brightest minds find the biggest breakthroughs

What's in it for me?

Raise funds for a Research Award and we'll give you a few things in return:

Naming rights

You'll be able to name your Research Award in honour of a loved one or fundraising team.

Research updates

Once a project's been decided on you'll receive an overview of the research you're helping to fund. If you end up supporting biomedical research you'll receive yearly progress reports so you can watch the research as it happens.


To say thank you we'll send you a certificate of appreciation and make sure your generosity is acknowledged in our next Annual Review.