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Cancer is a leading cause of death in Victoria with nearly 11,000 deaths every year. 

I Will for Cancer gives you the opportunity to change this statistic. All you have to do is choose a fundraising idea and tell us about it, and we will be there to back you every step of the way.

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  • Register to shave


    A Hairy Situation! Shave those Rapunzel locks. Wax that hairy chest. Dye that mane pink, blue or green! Or chop off that ponytail!

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  • Register to get active

    Get active

    Check out our partnering community events and get active to fight cancer. Whether you want to walk, run or cycle - we've got you covered.

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  • Register to give it up

    Give it up

    It's me, not you. Breaking up with bad habits isn't easy to do. So we're asking you to end the love affair with your fizzy drink, chocolate bar or Facebook updates for just a wee while.

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  • Register to sell it

    Sell it

    Turning trash into treasure. We all have stuff we no longer want. Here's your chance to sell your pre-loved possessions for a good cause.

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  • Register for my own way

    My own way

    Your idea. Your way. Some people like to do things their way. Whatever you dream up, you can do. Just tell us what, when and how, and we'll be here to help.

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How your money helps

One dollar at a time you are making a real difference. Here are just a few examples of how your money helps.

  • Book

    can pay for an information pack to be sent to women and men coping with the aftermath of cancer treatment

  • Bill

    can assist someone with cancer who is struggling with the financial burden of their diagnosis 

  • Telephone

    can give a research team access to vital chemicals for biochemistry experimentation

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  • Together we've raised for cancer

Tips & tools

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to cycle across the country or give up your morning coffee, every dollar that you raise helps in the fight against cancer and we’re here to help you make the most out of your idea! We’ve got tips for planning your fundraiser and how to get the most out of it, plus templates that you may need.

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  • Johana and Celine chop their locks for cancer

    Johana and Celine

    Inspired by the loss of their best friend and sister, Johana and Celine decided to cut off their beloved locks to help women going through cancer treatment.

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  • William Huggett gives it up for cancer

    William Huggett

    From giving up talking, his clothes, and his bed - you name it, he has given it up to raise much needed funds.

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  • Fight for Life - Martial Arts

    Fight for Life

    Each year the martial arts community band together to fight back against cancer. Read about how this one idea has turned into an international event.

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  • Tell us your story

    Tell us your story

    I Will for Cancer is all about you giving back! We love nothing more than hearing your stories and sharing them with each other. Get the recognition you deserve and tell us your story.

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