How your money helps

Every Donation Counts

Did you know: 87 Victorians are diagnosed with cancer every day. Every dollar raised makes a real difference to fund Cancer Council Victoria’s vital research, prevention programs and support services.

  • Apple and book

    can pay for an information pack to be sent to women and men coping with the aftermath of cancer treatment

  • Microscope

      can provide five schools with an information guide on how to respond when someone in the school community is affected by cancer

  • Newspaper

    can give a researcher access to a microscope for one hour

  • Flip flops

    can help book a holiday break for a family so they can create memories with loved ones

  • Telephone

    can help a cancer nurse give free and confidential information and support on all aspects of cancer via Cancer Council 13 11 20

  • Bill

    can assist someone with cancer who is struggling with the financial burden of their diagnosis 

  • Hand

    can train two volunteers for our Cancer Connect phone peer support service

  • Hands

    can pay for analysis of gene samples for a research project

  • Conversation in other languages

    can mean we can translate cancer prevention and early detection support information for people who speak languages other than English

  • Test Tubes

    can give a research team access to vital chemicals for biochemistry experimentation

  • Aboriginal

    can develop 2 cancer education resources tailored to the specific needs of Victorian Aboriginal communities

  • Research

    can buy a year supply of materials for a cancer research team


Note: Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible. Funds are used to support programs including, but not restricted to, the ones described here