Johana and Celine's story

Locks chopped in act of solidarity

Celine & Johana chop their locks for I Will for CancerInspired by the loss of their best friend and sister, Johana and Celine decided to cut off their beloved locks to help women going through cancer treatment.

"We wanted to help the women of Australia who have experienced, and will experience, the difficulty and trauma of hair loss through treatment for their cancers," they said.

"We saw how hard it was for Nadine to endure the pain of hair loss, so we hope to make the process easier for other women. To unwillingly lose your hair to a disease is extremely horrific and dreadful to undergo. By cutting our hair, we are giving the opportunity for someone else to feel 'normal' again."

In August 2014 the pair said goodbye to their much-loved long hair with both having 30 centimetres cut off.

They raised more than $10,000 towards Cancer Council Victoria's ground-breaking research, prevention programs, and support services, including its Wig Service. In 2014, 241 wigs were provided to people experiencing hair loss as a result of cancer treatment.

Johana and Celine said Nadine turned to Cancer Council Victoria to find out more information when she began her chemotherapy treatment. "A company who provides support to sufferers of cancer and their families is heaven-sent," they said.

They also praised the organisation's prevention programs in encouraging people to be aware of their bodies and to get checked by their doctor.

"Early detection allows for survival and Cancer Council plays a vital role in raising awareness. There is a higher rate of surviving cancer if it is detected early."

Their fundraising effort for I Will for Cancer has inspired others to follow suit, and they plan to do it all again once their hair is long enough.

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