Janet's story

Why one Australian woman with nothing to lose and everything to gain took steps to help

Janet Halsall

Walking 20 km per day for ten consecutive days, Janet decided to take on a great walking challenge, while using the time to raise awareness around cancer in her community.

Inviting members of the City of Casey community to join, Janet walked 200km in total and raised over $30,000 for Cancer Council Victoria’s cancer research projects, calling her challenge ‘Casey Walk for A Cure’.

Her reasons for a waking challenge for a woman pushing 60? Janet says, “Cancer affects us all…I lost my father and far too many treasured friends to the disease over the years.”

Devoting each day to a different type of cancer, Janet walked around local footpaths and tracks, with a lunchtime gathering hosted by a different community group each day.

Janet also invited ambassadors for each dedicated cancer to attend the lunchtime events, together with other members of the community.

What kept her going while walking was the knowledge that the money will help thousands of Victorians affected by cancer, “especially when it poured with rain!”

For Janet, it’s all about “what you can do to help and then find a way to put to it to use – there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

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