Eloise and Sophie's story

Pair's efforts give rare cancer research a boost

Eloise and Sophie - I Will for Cancer

With three of their family members diagnosed with rare forms of cancer in the past year, Eloise Belli-Youston and Sophie Hynes wanted to help in the fight against cancer.

One fundraiser wasn't enough for the pair who ended up raising an incredible $15,041.

As well as fundraising at their school and workplace, they put on a party for their family and friends with live music, a silent auction, drinks and food and asked for a $10 donation upon entry.

The following day they shaved their hair - an emotional day for them and their families.

"We thought it was a relatively simple way that we could raise some money for an important cause," they said. "We asked ourselves, 'why wouldn't we do it?' and when we couldn't think of one reason not to, we signed up straight away.

Eloise and Sophie - I Will for Cancer

"We feel proud as though we've accomplished something great, not only for ourselves, but for our families too."

Initially Eloise and Sophie set out to raise as much money as possible and were overwhelmed with the amount of support they received.

Their efforts made them eligible for a Research Award, which they directed to Cancer Council's Forgotten Cancers Project.

"This was an amazing opportunity for us. Having three people in our families diagnosed with rare forms of cancer - my mum, nana and Sophie's nana, the Forgotten Cancers Project was our obvious choice," Eloise said.


Eloise and Sophie - I Will for Cancer

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