Inspiring stories

After the death of their best friend and sister, Johanna and Celine decided to chop off their hair to fight women’s cancer. Will was pushed to the limits by his mates when he decided to give up his favourite things in the fight against cancer. And we can’t forget the martial artists who kicked, chopped and punched their way across the world.


Molly’s story

13-year-old Molly saw the widespread, devastating impact of cancer in her community and on the news – so she decided to do something to help. More on Molly

Kyen’s story

After his aunty passed away from cancer and his grandpa was diagnosed, 10-year-old Kyen decided to sell his prized footy card collection to raise money for Cancer Council. More on Kyen

Georgia’s story

After losing family members to cancer, Georgia wanted to do something to help others. So, she shaved her head in front of 150 people in her community and raised more than $21,000 for cancer research. More on Georgia

Luke’s story

Luke tragically lost his dad from bowel cancer when Luke was just 11, and then receiving the shocking news that his mum had been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma while Luke was overseas travelling. He wanted to do something meaning and so decided to take on a 65km kayak challenge from Half Moon Bay in Black Rock to Rosebud, raising more than $8,000 to go towards lymphoma research. More on Luke

Declan's story

After tragically losing his mum Tania in 2015 from breast cancer, RMIT student Declan wanted to do something to honour her and fight back against the devastating disease. Declan decided to set out on his bike, departing Federation Square and riding nearly 6,000km to Darwin. More on Declan

Raquel's story

For Raquel, cancer in the family was sadly all too familiar. Her grandfather passed away in 2016 from bowel cancer, and only months later she received the devastating call from her cousin Shane that he had testicular cancer. Shane was losing his usually lush hair from chemotherapy so Raquel decided to let him shave her head. More on Raquel

Janet's story

Walking 20 km per day for ten consecutive days, Janet decided to take on a great walking challenge, while using the time to raise awareness around cancer in her community. More on Janet

Eloise and Sophie's story

"We asked ourselves, 'why wouldn't we do it?' and when we couldn't think of one reason not to, we signed up straight away to shave our heads." After three family members were diagnosed with rare forms of cancer, Eloise Belli-Youston and Sophie Hynes wanted to help. More on Eloise and Sophie

Gemma's story

"I love tea and so did my mum. I drink it every day, first thing in the morning, on my breaks and in the evening." Gemma Iacuone decided to go without tea for a whole month in memory of her Mum. More on Gemma

Napthali's story

Napthali Meltzer ran seven half-marathons in just 13 days to raise more than $5600 for Cancer Council Victoria. More on Napthali

Jordy's story

To support his 12-year-old sister who was going through chemo for a rare form of cancer, Jordy decided to shave his fro before she lost her hair. More on Jordy

William's story

From giving up talking, his clothes, and his bed - you name it, he has given it up to raise much needed funds for cancer research, prevention programs and support services. "It started as something small, at first, but quickly ballooned into the crazy, ongoing fundraising efforts that I'm part of today." More on William

Kieren's story

At just 16 years of age, Kieren Devisser set himself the challenge of riding 2700 kilometres from Uluru to Melbourne via Adelaide, Mount Gambier and the Great Ocean Road all in just 26 days. More on Kieren

Johana and Celine's story

Inspired by the loss of their best friend and sister, Johana and Celine decided to cut off their beloved locks to help women going through cancer treatment. "We saw how hard it was for Nadine to endure the pain of hair loss, so we hope to make the process easier for other women. To unwillingly lose your hair to a disease is extremely horrific and dreadful to undergo. By cutting our hair, we are giving the opportunity for someone else to feel 'normal' again." More on Johana and Celine

Geraldine, Kate and Tracy's story

Having watched close family members and friends face cancer, Geraldine, Kate and Tracy decided they wanted to do something to help. The trio held a ball in Essendon with 225 people attending the event, which was filled with raffles, live auctions and lots of dancing. More on Geraldine, Kate and Tracy

Mum's the Word Rail Jam

Also known as a 'jam' snowboarders and skiers come together at the event in Mount Hotham for a free, non-competitive session where people can have fun and provide support for those affected by cancer. More on Mum's the Word

Fight for Life

In memory of his dear friend Wendy, an accomplished martial artist, Kevin began Fight for Life - a series of seminars that brings martial artists together to share skills, make new friends and raise vital funds for cancer research. More on Fight for Life