How your money helps those affected by cancer

Every year, more than 33,000 Victorians are diagnosed with cancer.

Every dollar raised makes a real difference in helping fund Cancer Council Victoria’s vital research, prevention and support services.

Saving lives through research
Saving lives through research

Just $15 pays for the extraction and storage of DNA from a saliva kit to help increase our knowledge of cancer through studies such as our Australian Breakthrough Cancer Study. If we can understand more about the causes of cancer, we can better prevent it.

$1,000 can help provide equipment to a lab-based research team who are working on a new immunotherapy treatment – giving hope to cancer patients. Each year we support some of Victoria’s brightest scientists working in hospitals and universities across different cancer types.

$50,000 supports one of these research projects for six months.

This work is contributing to increased five-year cancer survival – which is now at 68%.

Preventing cancer through education
Preventing cancer through education

A third of all cancers are preventable so we work to educate the community about how to reduce their cancer risk. $30 can help us provide sun protection advice and resources to children through our SunSmart program.

$100 helps us support community organisations to run cancer screening education sessions for newly arrived migrants, while $500 can translate important cancer screening messages into three different languages.

Saving lives through research
Supporting people affected by cancer

We are here to support all Victorians affected by cancer. $250 contributes towards our experienced and compassionate cancer nurses being available to answer any question about cancer and to provide support.

Our nurses can refer people to our other services such as our Holiday Break Program – just $50 can help book a short holiday break for a family to create memories and spend time together.

$130 can help us match a lawyer to provide free legal advice to someone affected by cancer, while $200 can provide a one-off grant to help someone dealing with the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis.

Fund a Research Award

Research Awards give you the chance to directly fund world-class research at Victorian hospitals and universities, as well as here at Cancer Council.

  1. Raise $5,000 or more through your I Will for Cancer fundraiser and you’ll be invited to accept a Research Award.
  2. The award can be in your name, your organisation’s name, or can be named in honour of someone you care about.
  3. You’ll receive naming rights for the award, acknowledgment through our Annual Review, and an update about your project if you wish.