Fund a research award

& create a lasting legacy

Research Awards give you the chance to directly fund world-class research at Victorian hospitals and universities, as well as here at Cancer Council.

You can also name your Research Award in honour a loved one affected by cancer or after your I Will for Cancer fundraiser.

By funding a Research Award, you'll ensure that Victoria's brightest researchers can continue working towards finding breakthroughs in cancer prevention and treatment.

Funding a Research Award

  1. Raise $5,000 or more through your I Will for Cancer fundraiser and you’ll be invited to accept a Research Award.
  2. The award can be in your name, your organisation’s name, or can be named in honour of someone you care about.
  3. You’ll receive naming rights for the award, acknowledgment through our Annual Review, and an update about your project if you wish.

Learn more about Research Awards

Research Award recipient Declan meets researcher

In 2017, 23-year old Declan Foott rode nearly 6,000km from Melbourne to Darwin in honour of his mum Tania, who died in 2015 from breast cancer.

Declan raised an outstanding $75,000 and funded projects through a Research Award, choosing to direct his funds towards improving mammogram machines, and a research project on the type of cancer his mum, Tania had – a HER2+ Receptor Tumour.

In July 2018, Declan met with Dr Nicole Haynes, the lead on one of the research projects he funded through his I Will for Cancer fundraiser. Dr Haynes is a Senior Research Fellow in the Cancer Immunology Program at Peter McCallum Cancer Centre

Dr Haynes said, “I'm so pleased to have had the opportunity to meet Declan and say thank you in person. This funding has been so important to my research career and I can't thank Declan and Cancer Council enough for all their support.”