Frequently Asked Questions

For your event

Where does the money I raise go?

Money raised through I Will for Cancer will be used to fund vital research, educating the community about how they can cut their cancer risk and supporting Victorians affected by cancer. If you raise over $5,000 you will be able to direct the funds to a research award.

Can I have someone from the Cancer Council attend my event and make a speech?

If you would like someone to speak at your event we will do our best to be there. Contact us to discuss the options available.

How can I get businesses to support me?

After you register you will receive an 'Authority to Fundraise' letter, this will help when approaching businesses to show that the Cancer Council Victoria is supportive of your fundraising. You might want to draw up a proposal, clearly outlining what you would like from them and what they will get in return (i.e. their logo will be on your poster, you'll promote their business on the day or on your Facebook page, they can have flyers or business cards in goody bags etc.)

How can I get my event in the media?

In your welcome pack there will be a media release template. Use this as a guide and send it around to your local papers, radio stations or email some online event calendars or 'what's on' websites.

How to bank

How do I give people receipts for their donation?

Anyone that needs a receipt needs to fill in their details on the 'Donation Record' sheet included in your pack. After the event, you can return this to us and we will send out tax receipts to each donor. And remember, all online donations will automatically receive a receipt.

Shaving your head

Do I have to shave my head or can I just cut it?

You can cut, colour or shave. You can even wax your legs or shave that beard - it's up to you!

How do I donate my hair after the cut/shave?

Get in touch with our team and we can put you in contact with a Wig Maker.

Can I donate my hair if it's been dyed?

There are some restrictions around what hair can be used to make wigs. To find out if you're eligible contact us and we can help you work out if you can donate those lovely locks.

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